Solidarity Helix Silver Shade Necklace

Solidarity Helix Silver Shade Necklace


The Solidarity Collection features Senhoa's signature weaving techniques to unite platinum seed beads. Set upon sparkling Swarovski Elements, this enduring collection comprises everyday statement pieces for Senhoa women all around the world, allowing them to show their support and raise awareness against modern slavery. The rhodium-plated necklace chain measures 34", and the tube is made from seed beads. 

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Meet The Maker // Senhoa Foundation

What if females in Cambodia no longer had to live in fear of being trafficked into forced labor, domestic work, or the sex trade? What if the beautiful people of the magnificent country, so rich in history, were no longer exploited by family members, friends, and strangers? What if it erected barriers to diminish itself as a trafficking transit country between bordering Southeast Asia countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos? Artesia-based Senhoa Foundation begged these crucial questions, and in March 2010 started proclaiming, "Employ. Empower. Emancipate." The local nonprofit executes its three-fold mission via handcrafted jewelry, giving 100 percent of sales back to the makers.

Senhoa's founder and executive director Lisa Nguyen may reside in Huntington Beach, but her reach stems from her Vietnamese descent and has blossomed into numerous travels and volunteer projectsabroad. In 2008 she traveled to the Philippines as the executive director of VOICE to help Vietnamese refugees repatriate to Canada. During this time she learned two harrowing facts: Cambodia is a major hub for human trafficking, and the country's largest ethnic minority—undocumented Vietnamese—struggle considerably due to ethnic discrimination and employment challenges. From her determination to help the highly vulnerable Vietnamese and Khmer people, Senhoa was born. Their motto? "Accessorize your conscience."

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