Sam Bernal Art Tank

Sam Bernal Art Tank


We partnered with local artist and featured Main & PCH Marketplace maker Sam Bernal on a new tank.

  • Super-soft, lightweight racerback women's tank in white
  • Made in USA and printed locally
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Meet The Maker // Sam Bernal

"Dream. Fail. Succeed. Repeat." Inked on the right forearm of Huntington Beach artist Sam Bernal, this sequence of life events has been the key to his creative freedom and conscious creation. Quantum physics, unity consciousness, Kundalini yoga, homemade soaps, Bruce Lipton and fluorescent paint pens are all topics a conversation with the lighting engineer might cover, leaving the visitor more open-minded, lost in brilliant geometry and possibly even scratching his head—in a very good way.

Bernal's high energy psychedelic landscapes are undoubtedly magnetic, waking up the eyes and mind of the beholder with their fluorescent hues, deep colors and intricate details. They also include a key element of discovery and sometimes require the help of a magnifying glass. "I like making the pieces so that months later you can find something new," says Bernal, laughing while pointing out hidden creatures in his pieces. "People really respond to my art," he adds, noting that one of his biggest inspirations is surf artist Drew Brophy.

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