Distressed Wood Arrows

Distressed Wood Arrows


These trendy, distressed wood chevron arrows are handmade by Jeri Vann Creations and come in a variety of colors to match any color scheme. Hang them on the wall, stand them on a mantle, or even give them as gifts. Set includes 3 arrows and are available in 14 different colors (bright turquoise option pictured). Custom colors are available upon request and can be specified during checkout. Each set is made-to-order and unique.

  • Handmade, made-to-order
  • Dimensions are approximately 13.5" x 10.5"
  • Available in 14 colors + custom colors
  • Local pickup available for Huntington Beach locals only
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Jeri Vann

Sometimes you stumble upon a good that is so artfully designed, so uniquely crafted, so you, that you—not want—but need it in your life. This connection describes our experience when first introduced to the sustainable woodwork of Jeri Vann Creations. From reclaimed sumac coasters to mini chevron arrows, the handmade works of the Huntington Beach-based maker are perfect gifts. Giving is what she's all about, and she just joined our Main & PCH Marketplace.

We asked Jeri a few questions about her craft. Here's "the story behind the storefront."

Main & PCH: Sum up your life story in two sentences. 

Jeri Vann: I come from a well-rounded, hands-on, hard-working upbringing. From mowing lawns to construction to sewing, I learned quickly how to make almost anything by hand.

Describe the "5 Ws" that led to you being a maker. 

My parents taught me to create, inadvertently, while teaching me to be self-sufficient and independent. I had a passion for photography and the fashion industry from a very young age, and my goal in life was to be a fashion designer. That drive led me to leave my small town and move to L.A. to attend college at FIDM. I initially wanted to major in design, but became intrigued by their new major, Product Development. After graduating and working in a variety of development positions in different industries, I was laid off in 2008. In order to try and bring some cash in, I started making anything and everything I could and selling it online, to friends and a few events. I realized at that point I absolutely loved creating, and from there went on to craft unique, niche items, items that customers are sincerely excited and happy to find because they have meaning behind them.

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