Surfboard Chess Set

Surfboard Chess Set

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Easily the world's most awesome surfboard chess set, this limited "Surf City LTD (Living The Dream)" work is designed and meticulously handcrafted by Huntington Beach surfer-artist-trophy designer Dave C. Reynolds and is sold exclusively online in our marketplace. Resting atop a bamboo board base resembling a breaking wave sits a 17-inch x 17-inch playing surface crafted from birch and walnut inlays. The detailed surfboard chess pieces are exact scale models made from both domestic and exotic woods and are attached to custom resin cast bases. Let's take a peek at the pieces: King, 1940s redwood and pine Hawaiian plank, 7 inches high; Queen, 1960s triple stringer mahogany and pine classic longboard, 6 inches high, hand-painted lei; Bishop, koa wood pintail gun, 5 1/4 inches high; Knight, 1948 Ford Woodie, 2 3/4 inches high; Rook, shabby surf shack, 2 3/4 inches high; Pawns, modern shortboard, one side features antique bronze-colored finish, other side features antique pewter color. Chess pieces come in a custom 16-inch x 7-inch wood surfboard box, complete with silk lining and framed Huntington Beach Pier photo mounted inside. Koa wood surfboard atop box features personalized engraved plate at no extra charge. Custom requests can be made during checkout.

  • Assembled chess table height measures 30 inches
  • Assembly instructions included
  • Playing surface signed and numbered by the artist in gold ink
  • Personalized versions and logos available
  • Ships in 2-3 weeks

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When we asked Huntington Beach artist Dave C. Reynolds if he still held the title for handcrafting more surf trophies than anyone else in the world, he confidently replied, "Hell yeah I do!" The Orange County native has been professionally crafting handmade surf woodworks and paintings since 1988, and he's been surfing the waters of Seal Beach and HB for more than three decades. If there's anyone who can vouch for the beauty of Surf City's famed waters and solid community, it's Reynolds.

Born in Buena Park, Reynolds always found himself drawn to the sea. Before teenage Reynolds scored his first surfboard for $17 at a garage sale, the self-taught surfer strapped an air mattress or "whatever [he] could get [his] hands on" to his handlebars and pedaled 13 miles to surf at the famous HB Pier and popular Seal Beach surf spot Crabs. "These kids nowadays are kind of pussies compared to what we had to do," says Reynolds, whose surf stories trace multiple-day surfing adventures in the days when camping on the beach was still legal.

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