Crescent Tail Poplar Handplane

Crescent Tail Poplar Handplane


Handmade in a front yard in Huntington Beach by a true aquaphile, Scoots Handplanes are a must-have for bodysurfers. Carved from poplar wood, the original crescent tail design is the go-to for any size day, designed to give enough hold on the face of the wave to get you where you want to be but small enough to paddle with without getting in the way. It comes complete with an adjustable handsewn strap, foam traction pad, Scoots Handplanes logo branded by hand and epoxy finish.

  • Handmade
  • Dimensions: 8" x 12 1/2" x 3/4"
  • Poplar wood
  • Foam traction pad
  • Adjustable strap
  • Epoxy finish
  • Branded by hand
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Scoots Handplanes are what happens when Huntington Beach-based surfer Daniel Strudwick busts his board in the summer of 2013 and fights his boredom by bodysurfing. While handplanes are hardly new to the waters of Surf City, Strudwick's handsome handmade pieces are fresh from under the sander. 

During his board's recovery, Strudwick spotted handplanes in a local shop and decided to try making his own for bodysurfing. "I like making stuff," he tells us. "If I can make something over buying it, I will." And so the self-taught craftsman did just that, using poplar wood, a foam traction pad, a nonadjustable strap and a varnish finish. One session had him convinced of the power of the handplane, so he made ones for his father and brothers. Along with their seals of approval also came nudges to start selling the handplanes.

The beauty of handplanes rests in their ability to give bodysurfers more speed and control. With a surface nearly three times as big as a hand, handplanes provide a smooth platform for bodysurfers to lift themselves out of the water, upping control while on the wave. Channels carved into the underbelly of the handplanes help boost speed—an enhancement every bodysurfer wants.

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