Ceramic Freeform Plates

Ceramic Freeform Plates

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If these aren't the cutest, coolest freeform plates you've ever seen, then we need to talk. Artist Andrea Luna Reece handmakes her versatile ceramic plates with love, and that's exactly what she handpaints on one of three designs offered here. Choose from anchor, hello and love styles. Plates can hold small items like jewelry and soap or rock it solo as timeless home accents.

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  • Handmade
  • Materials: clay, glaze
  • Approximately 6 inches x 5 inches
  • Available in styles anchor, hello, love
  • Ships within 7 days
  • Shipping included!
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Among drying works of clay, jars of glaze and an arsenal of paintbrushes, artist Andrea Luna Reece warmly waves us into her airy garage studio. We're here to talk ceramics with the Costa Mesa-based creator, and over the course of 75 minutes we discuss much, much more, including painting, Nitro Records and Frida Kahlo. With a style so hip and unique it makes even her apron appear catalogue-worthy, Reece tell us how she crafts the modern vintage ceramic pieces we've seen in stores and for which we've developed a healthy obsession. 

While cleaning and smoothing a few of her kiln-ready pieces with a damp sponge, Orange-born Reece rewinds back to the 1990s as a drawing and painting major at California State University, Long Beach. Though it was hardly her first, a ceramics class woke her up to realize, "This is so where I need to be," she recalls. Swayed to clay, she was accepted into the program and graduated in 1998 with a BFA in ceramics. 

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