Petals & Pop + Tankfarm, A Love Story

Petals & Pop + Tankfarm, A Love Story

Maybe it's love at first sight, or maybe it's just the beginning of something grand. For John and Theresa Anderson, "grand" hardly sums up their magnetic entrepreneurial world. Both owners of Seal Beach-based businesses—Tankfarm & Co. and Petals and Pop—John and Theresa recently opened their second shops in Huntington Beach at Pacific City. Did you know they are married? For a decade? With two kids?

We caught up with the man behind one of Orange County's finest collections of gentlemen's supplies, and the woman carefully curating every single stunning detail of her wholly unique flower boutique and champagne bar, to find out how they fell in love, and why they'll never get, or give, up.

1) Main & PCH: Tell us about when you first met.

John Anderson: I met Theresa at a housewarming party in Long Beach. She caught me looking at her through the kitchen window.

Theresa Anderson: Yes, we met at a polka-dot-themed party my friend dragged me to! We actually caught each other's eyes!

2) How do your personalities complement one another?

John: Theresa has a very adventurous spirit, yet cautious and creative in business, and I'm the opposite. It's been a winning combination for us both.

Theresa: John is definitely more free-spirited, and I am more conservative/traditionalist. But we are both always up for an adventure that involves travel and good food. We are both passionate people and that is truly what makes it so much fun!

3) How do you maintain a work-life (and love) balance?

John: Our businesses are right next to each other, but we still have to make the effort see each other randomly throughout the day (lunch or coffee breaks).

Theresa: The funny thing is, although we are right next door, we may only get a minute to say hi. But I love knowing he is there, and it's always fun to catch a quick hug or smooch as we are passing by. Also, it's quite fun when we are occasionally at odds. I tease that he needs to stay on his side, but it never lasts. It's all part of the fun!

4) How have you both supported each other's businesses? 

John: My wife gives me the confidence to take on each day's challenges, and I try to do the same for her.  

Theresa: I think the best tool has been patience. When we are both going through the rollercoaster, we often times find that we need to have patience for all of the different seasons. John has always been my biggest supporter, and having him believe in me gives me the confidence to chase this dream. I admire him for all of the heart and passion he has put into his own dream. During the earlier years while I was in the corporate world, I just did my best to remind him of his talents and that his dream was worth chasing.

5) Theresa, John shared your take on a dozen roses—corny. We love this. So John, what do you gift the queen of petals? And Theresa, what do you gift the king of gentlemen's goods?

John: Traveling together with the kids is all my wife and I need.

Theresa: Yes! Well, travel is always the gift of choice, yet I can't help but spoil him with small batch, hard-to-find international whisky. I usually try to find batches that are made in places we travel to. It remind us of a moment we shared on our journey. 

6) Do you see your girls following in your footsteps?

John: Yes, I dream of both of my girls taking over Petals and Pop and/or Tankfarm—as long as they are passionate to do it. 

Theresa: My little ones are truly more talented than us. I laugh, but they can harvest and create bouquets already, and they are 5 and 8. I want to watch them create and grow amongst the flowers and learn all they can, but I want them to chase the dreams they will have too. 

7) Any advice for other entrepreneurial couples out there?

John: "Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid." -William Benjamin "Basil King"

Theresa: Yes to being bold! I just want everyone to know that it's never easy, but why not have fun doing it? Being available to embrace each other to celebrate the wins and hug out the losses!

Happy Valentine's Day, Huntington Beach!

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