Mompreneur's Day: Why We Love Raising Our Kids & Businesses In Huntington Beach

Mompreneur's Day: Why We Love Raising Our Kids & Businesses In Huntington Beach

Girls, we run this mother.

This Mother's Day, we wanted to hear from local "mompreneurs" on why they love raising their kids and running their businesses in Huntington Beach. So we asked. Here are six local rockstar moms who embody the extraordinary spirit of our small business-adoring, family-focused, beachside community.

Alicia Whitney of The Prjkt Restaurant Group

HB resident for 15 years

On being Mom // I love the sense of community we feel in Huntington Beach. In my neighborhood, I can just open my garage door and hang out with my neighbors and friends while all of the kids are out playing. There's so much to do in Huntington Beach; we love to ride bikes at the beach, cruise down the pier, and take our golden retriever, Copper, to Dog Beach for a run in the sand. My daughter, Sahara, and I have our own little "dates"—we might go to SeaLegs for a fun dinner or hang out poolside and play on the waterslides at the Hyatt. 

On being Mompreneur // Huntington Beach is such a supportive community for business owners. When I opened SeaLegs, it was a real leap of faith for me, and the odds of success were certainly stacked against me. But the community really came together and supported me. I got involved in community events, partnered with other businesses, and SeaLegs took off. I'm so proud to redefine Huntington Beach as a dining destination as we launch SeaSalt Woodfire Grill this spring and four beachside concessions in Bolsa Chica State Beach this summer. I'm so grateful to Huntington Beach, and I'm doing all that I can to give back to this community that has supported me.

Christelle Reigner of Rise Yoga HB

HB resident for 16 years

On being Mom // I moved from the French Alps to HB 16 years ago to go to Orange Coast College. I fell in love and didn't have the heart to go back. I couldn't have dreamt of a better place to raise my son Noah (2.5 years old). We enjoy taking our yellow labrador to the beach weekly, and swimming is one of Noah's favorite pastimes. We feel blessed beyond words!

On being Mompreneur // It's very rewarding running a yoga studio in HB, as many of our students begin their yoga journey with us. It's our pleasure to watch them grow and transform through the practice of yoga. This Mother's Day, I will be teaching a free class to all mothers at 9 a.m.

Denise Troy of Wunderkid

HB resident for 5 years

On being Mom // I feel blessed to be able to raise my little Stella in Huntington Beach. It's thrilling that she can grow up so connected to the water, nature, and all of the beauty in this community. I can't wait until we can build sand castles together!

On being Mompreneur // Launching your own business can feel incredibly daunting, but I've found the people of Huntington Beach to be unrelentingly supportive in helping me realize this dream. Wunderkid is thriving, and I know HB plays a vital role in all of our success. 

Michelle Fechtig of 1 Look Vintage

HB resident for 10+ years

On being Mom // When my oldest daughter was in kindergarten she attended Golden View Elementary School. Back then, they had a farm that the kids interacted with. I'll never forget the name of the pig they had—"Pork Chop." We also loved taking our kids to Huntington Beach Central Park. We'd bring their bikes, and my husband would fish the lake. It's a great place to get away for an afternoon with your family and bring them around nature and animals. 

On being Mompreneur // The best thing about having a business in HB are the locals and all of the family-run businesses that I've met. Everyone takes care and are always looking out for each other. There's a great local support of small businesses. When my husband was helping me set up my store, a local who lived nearby said that during the off-seasons when the tourists are gone, you're going to be supported by the locals. And sure enough, he was right!

Becky Pierce & Stephanie Holdridge of Smocking Birds

HB residents for 16 years

On being Moms // For Stephanie, we like the nostalgia of HB. Both my husband and I graduated from Huntington High, and we love taking our kiddos to our favorite spots.

On being Mompreneurs // We like how family-oriented Huntington Beach is, and really appreciate how loyal the locals are to small businesses.

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