Harvey Drymen Churns Manbutter In Huntington Beach

Harvey Drymen Churns Manbutter In Huntington Beach

 EA  (Courtesy Harvey Drymen)

EA (Courtesy Harvey Drymen)

Inside the charming A-frame at the corner of 2nd Street and Atlantic Avenue, two entrepreneurs and longtime friends work with their heads down, their vision sharp, and their spirits high. "This Will Be Done" isn't only their motto, it's also the name of their marketing company, whose first product is about to be unleashed in Huntington Beach. Partners EA and Brenden Kenney have spent the last four years developing an all-organic and vegan line of men's body products—and they've gone about it via a most unconventional business path.

Named after the duo's so-called sensei, Harvey Drymen Products packages "products for the real men," including Manbutter, Mansoap, and Manoil. While slogging away at marketing startups, the two Huntington Beach locals met inside their cubicles some eight years ago. After countless happy hours spent spitballing ideas, they busted through those barriers. Pair EA's business background with Kenney's graphic design chops, add a side of tough love mentorship from business tycoon and philanthropist Harvey Drymen, plus a sprinkle of fairy dust (more on that later), and what's evolved is a local self-funded business that has steadily evolved with years of sacrifice, experimentation, and perseverance—and is about to explode.

"We saw other companies launch too quick," says Kenney, who, along with EA, has studied the market and other successful entrepreneurs for years. 

 Harvey Drymen Family  (Courtesy Harvey Drymen)

Harvey Drymen Family (Courtesy Harvey Drymen)

"Our philosophy so far is that the old-school way, especially in this fast-paced environment, doesn't really work anymore," adds EA. "No one understands how possible it is to fund your own business. What we learned through this whole process over the last six years is that you don't have to have all the money to get started, and you don't have to have a complete business plan to get started. What you have to have is the direction of your next step. We don't have a budget; we just have bills."

Instead of a traditional five-year plan, they employ a more freewheeling technique. They move forward, they hit a bump, they find a solution, they continue moving forward. With their quiver of skills, they hustle to earn funds for each step of the journey. 

"Every dollar that we earn from everything else goes right back into it," says Kenney.

 Brenden Kenney  (Courtesy Harvey Drymen)

Brenden Kenney (Courtesy Harvey Drymen)

First up in the Drymen collection, Manbutter, a body deodorant and anti-chafing cream, promises to keep men dry in their moistest regions, from armpits to inner thighs to toes. Whipped by hand in Huntington Beach, the mild-scented butter promises no chafing, itching, jock itch, or athletes foot with its aluminum-free, petroleum-free, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral potion. 

"It goes on like a lotion and turns into a powder," says EA, and is comprised of just six ingredients—raw organic shea butter, raw organic coco butter, organic virgin coconut oil, cold-pressed organic castor oil, organic beeswax, and non-micronized zinc oxide. Some call it a "Swiss Army cream" due to its versatile drying and healing properties—which include natural sunscreen and tattoo aftercare. "Bald men love it!" Kenney promises. And guess what, gents—unlike most products on the market, Manbutter does not block pheromones, so it just might up your chances with the ladies. No guarantees, of course, but something tells us the Drymen are onto something.

For the past 3.5 years the cream has been tested by "the whole town," from bartenders, executive chefs, and construction workers, to athletes, musicians, and tattoo artists. As a result, the so-called "body food" has been perfected by EA, Kenney, and "The Fairy." Behind their recipe floats Juliet Parvini, Drymen's "fairy chemist" who has already crafted a successful line of all-natural women's body products. Peppering her knowledge of essential ingredients into Drymen's mix created a product so pure, you could smear it on a piece of toast and eat it—or you could just take their word for it. The trio work together on every product phase, from development to handcrafting to packaging to shipping.

 Juliet "The Fairy" Parvini   (Courtesy Harvey Drymen)

Juliet "The Fairy" Parvini  (Courtesy Harvey Drymen)

Manbutter comes packaged in gold tins branded with a distinctly clairvoyant pin-up girl. A mystical symbol of power and wisdom, the third eye in Drymen's abstract branding represents a shared spirituality and elevated perception between EA and Kenney. With this optimistic outlook comes Drymen's mission to bring awareness to informed consumption and the availability of safe, natural products.

Livery Design Gruppe in downtown HB already stocks Drymen's Manbutter, with more local locations in the works. Peering into 2017, the pair foresee a major launch of the complete Drymen kit at nearly two dozen spots. Though their fulfillment volume may change, their commitment to serving their community will not. Even in its infancy, Drymen spent countless hours supporting numerous local charities and groups, including the Marina Junior Vikings Youth Football & Cheerleading organization. 

Expect a dryer, sweeter smelling male population in the coming months, as well as a "Like Karma" movement sweeping through town. EA and Kenney are poised to make Huntington Beach the most "liked" city in the nation, which requires local businesses and locals to band together on social media with a single simple tap. Like it? We love it.

Know what else we love? Harvey Drymen Manbutter in our Main & PCH Marketplace. Tap below and grab yours today.

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