On Tap: Beachwood Brewing Readies Huntington Beach Tasting Room

On Tap: Beachwood Brewing Readies Huntington Beach Tasting Room

(Courtesy Beachwood Brewing)

Huntington Beach has added another notable brewery to its growing flight. Beachwood Brewing scooped up the former Beach City Brewery space earlier this year and will finally open its doors on Thursday, November 17, at 3 p.m.

Known for their unique rotating craft beer taps, cask ales, and savory low-and-slow barbecue, the Southern California favorite brews full-time in Long Beach—and soon in Huntington Beach. The new production facility and tasting room marks the brand's fourth location in the region, one that carries that same relaxed, retro rustic Beachwood vibe with a glint of industrial.

Founders and husband-wife team Gabe Gordon and Lena Perelman, who actually live in Huntington Beach near the new brewery, opened the original Beachwood on Main Street in Seal Beach 10 years ago. Since then, they've opened a sister eatery and taproom in Long Beach, followed by The Blendery, a concept-driven tasting room also in the LBC. They've also joined the Orange County Brewers Guild alongside HB's own Four Sons Brewing and Riip Beer Company.

We caught up with the Beachwood crew to score the full pour on their new production brewery and tasting room. Here's what's on tap.

Main & PCH: Why jump at the opportunity to open a production space and tasting room in Huntington Beach?

Beachwood Brewing: We had been looking at increasing our production capacity for quite some time. It had become increasingly apparent that our current system wasn't going to be able to produce enough beer to fill both the demand for our brewpub and the requests from our retail, bar, and restaurant accounts. We starting talking to the Beach City team, and it seemed like the right time for us and the right time for them. We were able to purchase their equipment and space, which allowed us to get rolling pretty quickly. While a production brewery is something we've had on our radar because we've maxed out our production capacity in Long Beach, it's not something we were actively pursuing. But when we heard that Beach City was going to be closing, we thought it was an opportunity we couldn't pass up—Huntington Beach is a great location, and the brewhouse is a nice one.

Has the space changed since Beach City Brewery shuttered?

The basic brewing setup is mostly the same. However, we've removed the offices to add a bottling line. We've also added three larger 45 barrel (bbl) fermenters to expand the production capacity, and we've created room to add up to six more 45 bbl fermenters if demand calls for it.

How much production will happen in Huntington Beach?

The setup in Huntington Beach has a potential capacity of about 8,000 bbl a year, but we won't be anywhere near that for the time being. At the moment, our distribution plans only cover the three counties we already distribute to: Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Diego County. But with more production, people can expect to see our beer in more places and more frequently within those counties. 

So what's on tap?

While the brewery will be focused on producing larger quantities of five or six "core" beers, there will still be plenty of the great variety Beachwood fans have come to expect. We have 16 taps in the tasting room and hope to keep the majority of them in use as often as we can.

Who's taking the reigns as Head Brewer?

Julian Shrago, our award-winning co-owner and brewmaster, is overseeing all brewing in Huntington Beach for the foreseeable future.

What's on the menu for food, happy hour, and events?

We will, of course, offer some combination of these things, but exactly how that will look down the road is going to depend a lot on how the tasting room goes. We'll need to see what the needs and desires of our customers are. Some people might be under the impression that because this is Beachwood there will be a restaurant—so we want to point out that this is a beer production facility, and we will not have a kitchen of any kind. Whatever food is available will be in the form of snacks or possibly food trucks during high volume times.

Is there anything else you want locals to know?

We're really thrilled to offer another place for residents to come and enjoy a drink with friends. We've always tried to create places, food, and beer that make people feel like they are part of a community. With the Huntington Beach location, we hope to offer our friends and neighbors a home away from home.

Beachwood Brewing Huntington Beach is located at 7631 Woodwind Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92647. Tasting room hours are Thursday, 3-10 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, noon-10 p.m.; and Sunday, noon-8 p.m.

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