Be Grateful For HB Yoga Collective, Opening On Thanksgiving Day

Be Grateful For HB Yoga Collective, Opening On Thanksgiving Day

 Kori Strobl and Nicolette David, HB Yoga Collective Owners //  Photo by Carrie Cowen Photography

Kori Strobl and Nicolette David, HB Yoga Collective Owners // Photo by Carrie Cowen Photography

YogaWorks on Main Street shuttered earlier this year with a final long exhale, followed by a reviving inhale that launched HB Yoga Collective—opening on Thanksgiving Day. The new locals-owned and community-fueled yoga studio gives Huntington Beach something to be extra grateful for, from free classes to meditation sessions to vegan bites to Sunday morning philosophy.

Yogis and non-yogis alike are invited to a special sneak peek of the warm, welcoming space on Thursday, November 24, for a free 75-minute class from 9-10:15 a.m., paired with a take-home vegan treat. Free week cards will be up for grabs, and for those too rightfully consumed with consumption on Thanksgiving, the healing studio is hosting free classes Friday-Sunday, as well as a limited number of annual memberships at a reduced price. Their full schedule, available online, launches Monday, November 28.

We caught up with owners Kori Strobl and Nicolette David to get enlightened on their new harmony hub.

Main & PCH: Who's behind HB Yoga Collective? 

HB Yoga Collective: HB Yoga Collective is co-owned by Kori Strobl and Nicolette David. I am Kori. I taught yoga for YogaWorks at this location for 12 years. Prior to that I managed the studio, Yoga Place, which eventually became YogaWorks. Needless to say, I have been a part of this community for a long time. In fact, my husband Jeremy and I met at this studio! Our two children, Kaivalya, 5, and Bodhi, 2, have been the mascots for the community since they arrived. When YogaWorks announced they were closing their doors in July, the community was in shock. After my own initial shock wore off, I began contemplating "re-opening" the studio and making it the community space it's always been, but not nurtured. I mentioned it once in a class, and the inspiration spread like wildfire amongst my class, the community, and in my own heart. Being a stay-at-home mom, I wasn't ready to take this endeavor on by myself, so I reached out to a dear friend and fellow teacher, Nicolette David, for a partnership. She had wanted to open a studio for some time and had tried at least once before, but the opportunity took a turn and she stepped away. Nicolette is not just a pretty face and talented teacher, but she also has experience in opening and managing yoga studios for one of the big corporate giants and was ready to create something different and her own. It just so happened that at about the same time Nicolette met a handsome man, fell in love, and moved in with him right down the street from the studio in Huntington Beach. 

You mentioned that it's not just your story, but the story of the HB community. Please elaborate.

While the two of us have the experience, inspiration, and desire to rebuild and recreate the studio, we didn't have the financial resources. Via a limited number of prepaid memberships and micro loans, the studio has been entirely funded by the community. Not only that, they have been volunteering their skills, talents, time, and sweat to help us renovate the space and get it up and running before Thanksgiving. Every day we are blown away by the commitment and generosity of this community. We are definitely all in this together. 

 Amir Zaki, HB Yoga Collective Teacher //  Photo by Carrie Cowen Photography

Amir Zaki, HB Yoga Collective Teacher // Photo by Carrie Cowen Photography

What makes HB Yoga Collective unique?

Most of the existing yoga studios in HB are hot yoga studios, leaving those not wanting the heat stranded. Our teachers are amazing and hand-selected from our own favorites! We are one of the few yoga studios that offer standalone classes in meditation. We also offer classes in Tai Chi, Chi Gong, pilates, and a strength training class sponsored by the trainers of The Training Spot. These classes will help our students keep their bodies strong and well-rounded for optimal health. We will also be featuring healthy snacks and treats provided by Rasa Eats, a local vegan and oh-so-delicious catering company. They will make sure we are stocked with healthy snack options that are not currently available on Main Street, in addition to monthly three-day and seasonal seven-day cleanses. Our retail store will specialize in yoga streetwear, selling affordable and fun brands like Third-Eye Threads, Funky Yoga, SuperLoveTees, KOS, Dino, and more. Our studio is also available for rent for special events, groups, and/or classes. 

Tell us about your teachers. 

Nicolette and I have been in the Orange County yoga community for more than 14 years. We first approached teachers that we already knew we loved for their experience, knowledge, and personalities. We also wanted teachers that were open to either mentoring or mentorship, as there is opportunity to continue to grow in both roles. We held auditions on several occasions and selected teachers based on their knowledge, depth, presences, sequencing, command of the room, confidence, humility, and tone of voice. We are excited about our team of teachers and know the community will be too! 

Who is HB Yoga Collective best suited for?

Rather than labeling levels according to experience, we offer classes for everyone depending on their energy, mood, and/or needs for the day. I personally take anywhere from Level 2/3 to Level 1 classes depending on what I am looking for in my practice that day. 

 Amanda and Scotty, HB Yoga Collective Teachers //  Photo by Carrie Cowen Photography

Amanda and Scotty, HB Yoga Collective Teachers // Photo by Carrie Cowen Photography

Favorite yoga pose?

Chaturanga Dandasana because I feel light and powerful when I do it. It reminds me that I can hold myself up and builds my strength for whatever challenges may lie ahead for me.   

Favorite thing about Huntington Beach?

The people! Nowhere else in O.C. are people more proud of the city they live in…"HB!" Plus, it's beautiful here, and there is always some sort of celebration going on. 

Anything else you want readers to know?

I can't express my overwhelming gratitude and awe at the energy that is surrounding our efforts to recreate a yoga studio in this space. We are constantly amazed by people's generosity of time, energy, and resources to bring HB Yoga Collective to life. It feels like a project much bigger than the two of us. We just happen to be the ones fortunate enough to get to be on the forefront of it all.

HB Yoga Collective is located at 301 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648.

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