Grinderz Announces Second Location After One Year Of Business

Grinderz Costa Mesa ribbon cutting (Photo courtesy of Grinderz)

Some say the first year of business is the hardest. This may have been true for Huntington Beach-based Grinderz, but the just year-old skateboarding-centric burger joint made a major announcement this week, proving that a smart concept, a supportive community, hard work, and great grub pays off big time.

One day after their official one-year anniversary, Grinderz hosted an all-day family-friendly celebration on Sunday, February 8. Members of the local skateboarding community flocked to the eatery, appropriately located just a stone's throw from the new Vans Off The Wall Skatepark. The younger crowd filed into the epic outdoor fingerboarding arena, flipping their mini skateboards for a chance at winning "Sorry For Fingerboarding."

Out front, local skateboarding vendors and other community businesses—including yours truly—set up shop in a culmination of Grinderz's partnerships throughout their first year of business. Huntington Beach's two newest craft breweries, Beach City Brewery and Four Sons Brewing, took over the taps and joined the expo too.

When the anniversary cake rolled out, a spontaneous cake battle among employees erupted, followed by what really took the cake that day: a major announcement of Grinderz's expansion.

Lifelong friends and founders Dan Elbard and Ryan Vanderweel unveiled that on March 1, 2015, they will open their second location in neighboring Costa Mesa. With the snip of a ribbon on Monday, it became official.

Grinderz Founders Dan Elbard and Ryan Vanderweel (Photo by Lauren Lloyd)

"It was an amazing day that will never be forgotten," says Elbard, who filled us in on the details of Grinderz Costa Mesa.

Slinging the same menu of burgers, fries, and beers, the new location will be located at 17th Street and Irvine Avenue (488 East 17th Street, #B-102, Costa Mesa, CA 92627), roughly one mile from Newport Bay. Featuring similar decor, the new spot's major difference from the original Grinderz will be events. While the original space hosts numerous happenings throughout the year, Costa Mesa will not see too many of these, "except for the grand opening and maybe a one-year anniversary party," say Elbard.

Surrounded by skate-centric shops and eateries, Grinderz Costa Mesa seems like the right place for the small team's expansion. "We will fit right in at this location," says Elbard.

And that's exactly what they promised a year ago in HB. Delivered.


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