Letter Sparrow Takes Flight With Kickstarter Campaign

Letter Sparrow Takes Flight With Kickstarter Campaign

Letter Sparrow flew into the Main & PCH Holiday Pop-Up Gift Shop nest in November, artfully adorning the windows and walls with her sophisticated script. Curling consonants and contrasting fonts define her hand-lettering style, as does her sweet-as-pie demeanor. Adoring wife and mother of one darling 7-year-old boy, Jackson, Huntington Beach newcomer Kelly Hollstrom has accrued a respectable amount of good karma over the years, and now she's hoping for a little return to help fund her passion.

She launched her first Kickstarter campaign in December in hopes of raising $5,000 by January 10 to send Letter Sparrow soaring to new heights. Each donation is reciprocated with a handmade gift crafted by the mama bird herself. You can find out more about her fundraiser and donate here, and you can get to know the self-taught calligraphy artist below.

We asked Kelly a few questions about her craft to get "the story behind the storefront."

(Photo courtesy of Letter Sparrow)

Main & PCH: Sum up your life story in three sentences. 

Kelly Hollstrom: I've always been drawn to art and creativity, whether appreciating it or creating it. I came to the point where I either had to do something about it or let it go. After two years of saying I wanted to start a business, I finally did, and it's been amazing!

Describe the "5 Ws" that led to you being a maker.

I became a maker because I had a passion to make things and also to help support my family financially. I have a small setup to create that is located in my bedroom, and I also create at the kitchen table if the project is too big for my creative space. I work on orders in the afternoons and at night when my son is sleeping. I create hand-lettered pieces of all kinds: cards, notebooks, wood slices, paper (to frame), and canvases small and large. I'm even set up on Redbubble and sell a small selection of apparel, coffee mugs, iPhone cases, tote bags, and more. Letter Sparrow is an online shop dedicated to bringing inspiration and beauty to any surface that can be hand-lettered.

What makes your goods unique?

Everyone's handwriting is different, similar to a fingerprint. I try to create things that are unique and beautiful. I dig deep and create from a place of heartfelt meaning and simplicity.

Where do you currently live, and where are you from?

I currently live in Huntington Beach with my husband and son. We have lived here for just over a year; we lived in Costa Mesa for four years. I was born and raised in Michigan, then lived in Washington for 10 years.

Detail your creative process.

First, inspiration strikes. I sketch/make a rough draft, I start painting and/or lettering the final product, and last but not least, packaging and delivery.

What/who inspires you?

Nature, architecture, other hand-letterers, vintage lettering, and color palettes.

Why do you love Huntington Beach, aside from the weather and waves?

I like the colors and textures of the landscape, that the people are so laid-back, and the unique culture of HB.

(Photo collage courtesy of Letter Sparrow)

Where would you like to see your business in the next few years?

My business has grown a lot in the past two years. I am now starting to see opportunities pop up that I've been dreaming of for years. It's so exciting! In the next few years I would like to go digital and be able to offer prints, apparel, etc. I currently work on my business part-time, but going digital would allow me to get more done in a short amount of time. I am also a stay-at-home wife/mother and homeschool my son, so I have to be disciplined with my time.

What's your motto?

To be excellent, meaningful, and inspiring.

Is there anything else you'd like readers to know about you, your story, and/or your goods?

I'm always trying to perfect my skill and give 100 percent into each piece. I do a lot of custom work; just send me a message and ask.

Follow Letter Sparrow on Instagram and Facebook.

(Photo courtesy of Letter Sparrow)

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