Four Sons Brewing Is Literally Overflowing

Four Sons Brewing Is Literally Overflowing

Four Sons Brewing opened its doors in Huntington Beach in early September 2014, and before the year's end, their 2,625-square-foot production space and tasting room quickly became too small to house their growing efforts. The family-run production brewery is spilling over into an adjoining unit in coming weeks, and here's why.

"Space was by far the reason for this expansion," says Head Brewer Derek Dufresne. "We are at a point where we are unable to grow due to space limitations." Horrifying visiting craft brewhounds, Four Sons' taps constantly run dry because they're simply not able to produce their beer fast enough. The upcoming expansion will change all of this.

Four Sons will take over the former CrossFit unit next door in mid-February. A mirror image of the brewery, the extra room will double their space.

Plans are still in the works, but a few necessities and new additions are certain. Production storage has bubbled up to the top of the list, given that the brothers just recently started bottling. Pallets of bottles, grain, kegs, and other brewing essentials have priority, as will space for a larger cooler, one 20 BBL (600 gallon) and four 30 BBL (1,000 gallon) fermenting tanks, along with barrels to kick off barrel aging their brews. Keep in mind, it all began with just four 10 BBL (300 gallon) fermenters and one 20 BBL (600 gallon).

This past Saturday's impressive crowd begs the question, "Is Four Sons expanding the tasting room?" and the answer is no—at least not anytime soon. The new space will, however, be used for private parties, which Derek notes may help alleviate some of the crowding. Not a bad problem to have, now is it?

Clearly nothing can stop a family with a mission and a community with a thirst for great, adventurous microbrews. The Ds, as they're affectionately called, are endlessly grateful to their fans for their success. Says Derek, "We are incredibly gracious to all of our customers, many of whom we have gotten to know very well. It is their support that has enabled us to expand so quickly and has really made our dream a reality."

Let's raise our glasses to the mounting success of this homegrown small business that clearly keeps beer lovers thirsty. 

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