Huntington Beach Then & Now: Neptune's Locker Serving Suds On The Pier

Then // Neptune's Locker, after being closed down with the rest of the businesses on the pier in the late 1980s. Owned and operated by "Queen of the Pier" Ella Christensen, who was also involved with the Captain's Galley and the Tackle Box, two other iconic pier-based businesses. At Neptune's, Ella's television was perched above the bar there, and for many years she had to climb onto a stool and up onto the serving counter to change channels. Police officers, who were also customers, were afraid she would fall, so they bought her a remote-control TV set for Christmas. She described Neptune's like this: "It was just a plain, little old homey place with very common people. The whole building covered only 400 feet. It had a seating capacity for 21 people, but that didn't count the ones standing up. It was packed every day during noon and sunset. We had the most beautiful view of the sunsets in the ocean, only not enough of it. There just wasn't enough space."

Now // Neptune's is long gone; recently the actual building was unceremoniously discarded by the city. Ella passed away in 2003 at the age of 89. These were her thoughts after having to close her businesses in 1988: "It's been a real pleasure because I enjoy the people. Each one has his problems, whims and stories. It's so nice to have so many friends. Friendliness and happiness, that's what makes us go." Perhaps think of that next time you walk past the site.

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