Gather On The 'Wrong Side Of The Tracks' This Saturday

2nd Annual Wrong Side Of The Tracks (Flier courtesy of Tommy Tear)

With just over a month left of summer, seasonal jams are still in full effect. Last year, Huntington Beach's own Tommy Tear of Tommy Tear Screenprint & Graphics took it upon himself to celebrate HB's endless summer with a little music, food, art, and fun. And he's bringing it back again this Saturday, August 23, in the second annual and aptly named Wrong Side Of The Tracks.

Says Tear, whose colorful business has thrived in HB for over two decades, of the event: "It's been an idea for a long time coming. I just got so frustrated attending funerals and seeing so many friends getting together for such a sad reason. So I thought turning a funeral into a (fun)eral with a twist could work."

Last year's event successfully married food and entertainment, so much so that Tear deemed round two "a must." He tells us, "Giving small companies a chance to highlight their products, having food and drink to feed the belly, and entertainment to stimulate the visual eye—is the and always will be the perfect combination."

Kicking off at noon on Saturday on the tracks at 7501 Slater Avenue, the all-day event will feature six bands playing music styles ranging from reggae to punk to spaghetti hip funk. The lineup includes Can Opener, The Originalites, Johnny Love, Headstand, Prost, and Blaze Mob. Artists "from all stages and from different palettes," according to Tear, will display their work, and live painting will add some intensity to the event throughout the day. Featured artists include Ricky Blake, Seth Thomas Matson, Steve Moreno, Chad Masri, Janessa Bookout, Team Effigy, and more.

"We will also have a children jumper for all the adults that are still kids," says Tear. Noted.

Rumbling bellies will be sated courtesy of mobile gourmet grill BruBQ, who will serve up everything with all the fixin's—including Baconnaise—from hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and veggie dogs, to chicken tacos, grilled cheese, chips, and, of course, Otter Pops. Being that the event is kid-friendly, the only beverages to be poured are non-alcoholic. Nothing costs more than $7.

The fun ends around dusk, but more fun begins with an after-party and art show at Johnny's Saloon from 7 to 10 p.m.

"HB giving back to HB and friends helping friends is what it's all about," says Tear. We couldn't have said it better ourselves. 


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