Huntington Beach Then & Now: A Wonderful 1950s Christmastime On Main Street

Then // From the looks of the automobiles, it appears to be the early 1950s. And it is absolutely
Christmastime, as evidenced by the silver garland hanging across the streets along with the Santa Claus signs. But what a different town Huntington Beach was on this winter's day 60 some-odd years ago. Back then, downtown was a real community center. One can make out a newsstand, a Western Union office, a variety store, a radio and television repair shop, and just left of center, the Standard Market. The guy walking toward us could easily have come out of a James Dean casting call.

Now // Little, if anything substantial, remains from the early 1950s. Downtown Main Street caters more to a bar and restaurant clientele, evolving, for better or worse, into more of a tourist destination. Though during Christmastime, when things quiet down somewhat, you still get a little sense of what it was like to have a quiet and quite local center of town.

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