Huntington Beach Just Got Tastier: We've Partnered With Tastemade

Huntington Beach is better known for its consistent swell than its consistent culinary gems. But that's all changing thanks to a delicious blend of longstanding local favorites like the Sugar Shack and newer sophisticated spots like SeaLegs Wine Bar. In an effort to open the eyes and appetites of locals and non-locals alike to the tastes of HB, we partnered with Santa Monica-headquartered Tastemade to showcase some of our go-tos for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Born from the bellies of three buddies, the free iPhone- and Android-friendly app invites good eaters to share their choice restaurants in snappy one-minute video "appisodes." The app is indeed a snap, so much so that the Main & PCH team shot a few of our own. Local personal trainer-food coach-friend FrannyFit also got her grub on with us. During the process, we were stoked to find that other HB food fans had already hit the town with their smartphones, growling stomachs and shared love of food porn. A tasty 10 Tastemade videos are currently featured on our new video page.

Want to be featured on our video page too? Download the Tastemade app, create your own appisode showcasing a HB eatery not already on our page, and we might just find you simply irresistible! We'll be sifting through Tastemade for new local, appetizing reviews, but also feel free to email your video links to

Here are 7 tips on how to dish on your favorite HB dishes:

1. Download the free Tastemade app here for iPhone and here for Android (currently only available for the following Samsung devices: The Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Note 2 and Note 3).

2. Charge up your phone before heading out to shoot your appisode. The battery charge of our veteran iPhone 4S dropped about 50-percent during the creation process.

3. The Tastemade app is designed to have diners create their appisodes during their dining experience, so familiarizing yourself with the app and restaurant beforehand is always a smart move. Watch this 5-minute tutorial, enjoy a few existing appisodes, play around with the app, then get your grub on.

4. Have fun with the camera. Pretend like you're talking to your best friend about your favorite place and you just know he/she is going to love it. Be excited to share the secret. 

5. Lighting and audio are two of the biggest challenges. Try to position yourself and the featured food in the best light possible. Some spots are very dimly lit, and that's just the way it is. Same goes for sound: Do the best you can. Some locations will be loud, so move the phone closer to yourself and/or speak loudly (but not so loud as to offend neighboring diners). You can always review your clips and re-record if need be. Here are a host of helpful short video tutorials addressing the above and more.

6. When recording moving shots, make sure your frame is in focus, start moving the phone, then hit record to create a more fluid episode, moving and gliding from shot to shot.

7. Leave a tip for future diners in your third and final speaking clip so they can get just as treaty as you did. The first two clips include an introduction of the eatery, then details on the must-try dishes.

The above is simply advice to help you create kick-ass shorties boasting your favorite local eats. Most importantly, have fun and treat hard!

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