Huntington Beach Then & Now: From Gun Club To Eco Reserve

THEN // It's March 11, 1933, the day after the catastrophic 6.4 Long Beach earthquake. Inspectors are surveying damage to the road leading up to the Bolsa Chica Gun Club, established at the turn of the century by Henry Huntington. The club, a comfortable, rustic, two-story lodge for well-heeled friends of Huntington survived the quake, unlike many other buildings in Huntington Beach.

NOW // The gun club is gone, having been demolished in the late 60s-early 70s. But the trees that led up the driveway and surrounded part of the perimeter still stand. Today, many bird species can be spotted here, with no shotguns pointed at them. Some ruins of the foundation remain, a telltale sign that marks where Henry Huntington and many well-known guests, including Babe Ruth and the Prince of Wales, once ate, drank and hunted.

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