Pay It Forward: Local Surfer Gifts His Board To 'The Perfect Kid'

(Photo by Hudson Wise)

We tell a lot of stories here on Main & PCH, mostly the stories behind the storefronts of Huntington Beach, the stories of extraordinary locals who make our home so special. One story that recently caught our eyes popped up in the feed in one of our favorite Facebook groups: "You know you grew up in Huntington Beach, CA when..." A group member spotted Mike Raboy's anecdote on Facebook and shared it with the group, garnering more than 430 likes, nearly 25 shares and roughly 50 comments for the post. Today, we share the story of Raboy and "the perfect kid" with you.

"Last Sunday, I drove around for 45 minutes looking for the perfect kid. I didn't want it to be one of the cool skater/surfer kids hanging out in a rambunctious group in front of HSS. I also didn't want to pick a kid with no interest in my gift whatsoever. The only conditions were that the kid had to be around 8-12 years old and had to be beach folk, meaning he has an affinity for the ocean and the lifestyle.

So I continued to circle around downtown Huntington. I passed by the tourists, the entitled rich kids, and drove to the parking lot where the Junior Lifeguards were just getting out. Looking past all the popular kids formed around cliques, I found him sitting alone on the bench quietly watching his peers while waiting for his ride home. Perfect. So I pulled right up to him, rolled down my window and asked, 'Do you like to surf? Do you like surfing?' He had a confused look and replied, 'Yes.' I asked him if he had his own board, and he shrugged and shook his head. I told him he could have mine for free as long as he promises to take care of it and give it to someone when he outgrows it. Words could not describe the smile on his face as he gently pulled the board out of my truck and looked it over. I said, 'Stay stoked brah!' and drove off to breakfast at Sugar Shack.

I imagine this kid felt just as I did when some random stranger gave me my first board, and I figure that's worth more than the 50 bucks I would've got off Craigslist. Spread Aloha!"

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