Press 1 For Produce! Your Guide To CSAs Serving Huntington Beach

Farm Fresh To You CSA box (Photo by FrannyFIt)

Blessed with more than just surf and sun, Huntington Beach also sees weekly farmers markets full of fresh locally grown produce. Surf City Nights brings local farms to Main Street every Tuesday, the HB Farmers Market sets up shop at Pier Plaza every Friday and during select weekends, and Local Harvest hosts a farmers market at Peter's Landing every Saturday. Heck, there's even the daily enclosed HB Farmers Market at Edinger and Gothard. Still, it's trying some weeks to get out and get quality goods.

While CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) programs aren't exactly novel—their roots stem from the 1960s counterculture movement—their popularity has exploded in recent decades as more people embrace the commitment to health, environmental quality, and support for small- and medium-sized family farms. Farmers and eaters alike are benefitting from the subscription model for food. Customers subscribe to weekly, biweekly, or monthly deliveries of ultra-fresh and local produce, while the farmer earns more by cutting out the middleman and can build lasting relationships with clients.

It's true that while our grandparents' CSA may have required that subscribers be more intimately involved with the farm by participating in the farming activities, the new CSA model has more built-in flexibility for the urban lifestyle. Participating farmers now partner with other farms to supplement their offerings, and customers can customize their deliveries or add on a new variety of treats, such as baked or canned goods.

Below is a list of five of these farm-to-fridge services available to HB locals, varying in price, delivery schedule, location of the farm(s), and the products available. Subscribers should research the services' websites in order to find the best fit. 

Tanaka Farms

  • Location: Irvine, CA
  • Website:
  • Products Available: Fruits and veggies
  • Price Range: $/$$
  • Pleasantly Surprised: Super local produce is grown at this family farm in nearby Irvine. The delivery fee is waived if picking up at the farm.

Zucchini Xpress

  • Location: Rubidoux, CA
  • Website:
  • Products Available: Fruits and veggies, grass-fed beef, olive oil, breads, desserts, honey, vinegars, coffee, chocolate, gifts, and books.
  • Price Range: $$
  • Pleasantly Surprised: Most of the produce is grown at Unity Farm, located in Riverside County.

Farm Fresh To You

  • Locations: Capay and Imperial Valleys, CA
  • Website:
  • Products Available: Fruits and veggies, gifts
  • Price Range: $
  • Pleasantly Surprised: One customer-focused, certified organic family farm provides 80-percent of the produce year-round, and supplements with certified organic produce from its partners.

J&J Grassfed Beef

  • Location: Tehachapi, CA
  • Website:
  • Products Available: Grassfed beef
  • Price Range: $$$
  • Pleasantly Surprised: Orders are filled monthly and can be picked up at Crossfit Surf City the first Friday of each month.

C and P Farms CSA

  • Location: Fallbrook, CA
  • Website:
  • Products Available: Fruits and veggies
  • Price Range: $$
  • Pleasantly Surprised: A single-farm model delivers about 20 pounds of produce bi-weekly (to your door) and sells limited seasonal shares. Join now for the summer season.

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