Video: Artist Sam Bernal Shows Us How To Paint A Surfboard

Video: Artist Sam Bernal Shows Us How To Paint A Surfboard

It's been nearly four months since the first surfboard of the ongoing "Surfboards on Parade" exhibition was unveiled in Huntington Beach, an event that launched a movement uniting shapers, artists, the local community and local organizations under one mission: to eradicate skin cancer. On Thursday, May 1, the remaining 20 boards will be raised at their sponsor locations throughout the city. One collaboration board features two HB talents: the late famed shaper Chuck Dent and artist Sam Bernal.

Facebook fans of the paint pen master are up-to-date with the progress of his colorful "Bubble Board"—a project he's surely losing sleep over, but in a good way. With a board fresh from Chuck Dent Surf Center and an epic idea, the work might just blow some minds next week.

Bernal, who's no stranger to surfboard art, recently posted a 3-minute video tutorial on how to paint a surfboard. Says Bernal of the project: 

"After I got my new Mini Simmons from Faction Surfboards, I just had to put a sweet new paint job on it before I could hit the waves. I wanted something fun and abstract that I didn't really have to plan out or think about too much. Brand new boards are the best for paint jobs. All you have to do is clean it and go. There are several different methods of painting a surfboard, and I incorporated a few of them in this board. I taped the board off and made a quick sketch for the spray paint, and it was off to the races."

The video comes complete with steps and jams by Baths. Enjoy.

The Huntington Beach Art Center will host one heck of a party next Thursday in honor of the grand "Surfboards on Parade" unveiling. For more information on May Day events as well as other happenings honoring 100 years of surfing in HB, check out our handy guide.

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