Video: Famous 'Glowy Zoey' Morphs Into Colorful LED Minnie Mouse

Video: Famous 'Glowy Zoey' Morphs Into Colorful LED Minnie Mouse

Royce Hutain and his Glowy Zoey have done it again. Last year, the Costa Mesa resident crafted a now-famous LED stick figure suit for his 2-year-old daughter, and the video of her testing it out went very viral. This year, Hutain—who's slowly building an LED suit empire—has upped the brilliance with an adorable Minnie Mouse suit featuring multiple colors and sound-responsive lighting. Says Hutain:

"After last year's costume went absolutely nuts, I had to make a new one that was much, much better. The 2014 version is using digitally addressable LED strips hooked up to an Arduino microcontroller which I programmed (and still learning). It is responsive to sound and has 2 potentiometers and a button in the back of one of the ears for control and a microphone hidden in the front. It has 12 modes and 372 LEDs (124 chips with 3 each)."

Uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, October 21, the video has garnered more than 895,000 views and counting. The season is young, and who knows if it will top the original's 22 million-plus hits.


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