Watch Huntington Beach Through These Surf Webcams

  Photo by Lauren Lloyd

Photo by Lauren Lloyd

Sometimes you'd rather not brave the crowds, only to discover choppy waves or a gloomy marine layer. The below live surf webcams reveal current Huntington Beach ocean conditions, and some come complete with comprehensive surf forecasts. You may feel like a bit of a snoop at first, but don't. All the smart cool kids are doing it. Watch on.


Huntington Beach-based Surfline keeps a watchful eye on Southern California, especially its hometown. Live webcams capture the action at Bolsa Chica, Goldenwest, 17th Street, north and south of the pier as well as the waterfront overview from south of the pier. Surfers should head here for expert reports on swell conditions, which are updated throughout the day. A handy rewind button allows viewers to backtrack up to five days. Members score an uninterrupted streaming experience, while non-members' views are blocked every 30 seconds by ads. A premium membership costs $12.95 a month or $69.95 a year.

Click the locales for Surfline webcams: Bolsa Chica; Goldenwest; 17th Street; HB Pier, Northside; HB Pier, Southside; HB Waterfront Overview.


Solpot serves as another go-to website for surfers in search of current Huntington Beach conditions. Four webcams monitor the pier and are accompanied by detailed surf reports. Viewers must first endure a 15-second ad before connecting with the cam.

Click the locales for Solspot webcams: South HB OverviewHB Pier OverviewSouth HB PierNorth HB Pier.


HBcams offers live HD peeks of the surf and sand both north and south of the pier, the sand and pavement north of the pier and an "overview" shot of it all.

Click here for HBcams.


 One of the only, if not the only, live webcams in the area that scans the pier break, HBOnline's cam pans from south of the pier to First Street

Click here for HBOnline's pier webcam. 


The City of Huntington Beach's live webcam watches over pier conditions, including the current swell and Ruby's diners. (Don't worry. We won't tell anyone that you're eating at Ruby's.) The webcam page itself provides helpful stats on weather, surf, water, wind and tide conditions.

Click here for the City of Huntington Beach's webcam.


Perfect for those simply seeking a glance at the famous Huntington Beach Pier, The Waterfront Beach Resort's live webcam captures a serene shot of the sand, sun and surf just south of it. 

Click here for The Waterfront Beach Resort's webcam.


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