New Smoothie Stand Cools Down Huntington Beach Pier Plaza

Armed with a Vitamix, a mission to blend clean and a ton of fresh produce, Shane Gallick and Christina Massari are keeping Huntington Beach healthy with their new smoothie stand. They're calling it Gold Coast Fusions, and we're calling it delicious.

Hailing from Santa Ana, both Gallick, 24, and Massari, 23, grew up in foodie families. Instilled with the love to create in the kitchen, the couple decided to elevate their homemade smoothies and family baking recipes by offering them to Surf City. They've been slinging their 100 percent all-natural frozen treats at the Huntington Beach Pier Plaza Farmers' Market every Friday from noon to 5 p.m. for the past three weeks, and feedback so far has been nothing but positive.

We recently stumbled upon the stand on an unusually warm Friday afternoon and were sold by their promise of pure, quality ingredients, including fresh fruit and 100 percent fruit juice, as well as zero added sugar, ice or preservatives. As self-proclaimed smoothie snobs, we eyed the operation, noting the impressive Vitamix blender—a must in any kitchen—along with the list of refreshing $5, 16-ounce offerings. Here's what they're currently blending: Green Refresher (pineapple, cucumber, lime, pear, spinach, mint); Mango (mango, banana, almond milk, coconut flakes upon request); Strawberry (banana, strawberry, almond milk); Pineapple Coconut (pineapple, mango, coconut, almond milk); Tropical (mango, papaya, strawberries, almond milk); and Breakfast (oats, banana, strawberries, almond milk).

We opted for the Green Refresher, which delivered on all promises. As for the minds behind the blender, Massari prefers the Coconut Pineapple, while Gallick goes for the Tropical. A trio of tourists at the stand gave their Mango smoothies three thumbs up.

For those with extra sweet teeth, Gold Coast Fusions also bakes a variety of cookies using family recipes. Sweets include the rich, double chocolate Papa Marks Cookie; a pb&j thumbprint cookie rolled in walnuts; and a tri-flavored cookie featuring peanut butter, chocolate and oatmeal. Biscotti cookies are in the works and will come in flavors like orange, lemon and almond. At $5 for three homemade cookies, it's nearly impossible to say nay.

At the moment, not all ingredients used in the smoothies and baked goods are organic, but shifting to a 100 percent organic stand remains a possibility. Gallick and Massari note that their eats "are made with the most important ingredient of"

What's next for Gold Coast Fusions? The duo hopes to eventually expand their operation to Surf City Nights, Huntington Beach's Tuesday night farmers' market affair on Main Street, as well as stock local cafes and wine shops with their baked goodies. Aside from the biscotti additions, Gold Coast Fusions is also working on another green smoothie, a protein smoothie and the inclusion of soy milk.

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