Meet The Main "Street Kids" Behind Those Palm Leaf Flowers

Any trip to Main Street in Huntington Beach reveals fresh talent, be it a man and his guitar, a girl and her mic, a pair of legs and a board or even sets of rough hands meticulously folding, bending and tying palm leaves. Self-proclaimed "street kids," the group of gentlemen spotted crafting palm leaf art day to day do so for a living.

Hailing from various parts of Southern California, the group settles down daily on Main Street with a mission to produce as many palm leaf flowers, hearts and crosses as their fingers and patience permit. Mastering the art takes time, but those who do can churn out a basic flower in just a few minutes. At the helm of the operation is Dylan, who has been getting his craft on for the past few years. His trainees refer to him as "the pro."

While mesmerizing to watch, the process also begs the question: Why do it? For Johnny from Orange County and Geoff from Costa Mesa, it's how they plan to pay for their cross-country bicycling adventure. Next stop for them is New Orleans, provided the good people of Main Street drop ample funds into their awaiting fur cap. Another palm flower artist, who asked to go unnamed, arrived in town from Santa Barbara and says he took up the art because of its "calming" effects.

The size of the group seems to fluctuate daily and even hourly, but the group splits the money evenly at the close of business each day. Depending on the crowd, they rake in between $60 and $150 a day total. Geoff's goal is to save $1,000 for his trip. Let's see how many twists and curls it takes.

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