Farquhar Park: A Dreamy Main Street Escape

Home to some 71 parks, Huntington Beach never fails adventurers in search of outdoor entertainment. From grass to sand to lakes to sea, Surf City houses the perfect park for just about any occasion. We've made it our mission to explore them all.

Fragrant eucalyptus trees, swaying palm trees and sprawling green grass are just a few reasons why Farquhar Park in Huntington Beach serves as the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Main Street. Located on 12th Street between Crest Avenue and Main, the romantic spot invites park-goers with various missions, be it a picnic, an outdoor yoga sesh or a good old-fashioned game of bocce ball. 

Formerly known as Circle Park, Farquhar Park honors James S. Farquhar, a man who devoted 43 years of his life to the HB publishing industry, along with numerous other local public interests. Though the pristine three-acre urban oasis is surrounded by neighboring homes, it's easy to drift away to a land inhabited by only dragonflies, bees, birds and butterflies. Oh, and the occasional leashed dog and human, too.

A large, uninterrupted patch of grass stretches across the park's Main portion, and we imagined games of soccer and frisbee bringing action to the quiet retreat. Aside from the low hum of traffic, the only sounds filling the park were those made by its visitors—both legged and winged. These factors, and perhaps the bright African tulip trees, contribute to Farquhar's popularity as an HB wedding destination. 

Benches and picnic tables sit throughout the park and are most concentrated on the Crest side of Farquhar. A handful of benches dedicated to HB locals form a circle on the northwest corner, where mushrooms sprout from the grass and plumbago bushes sunbathe. One bench adorned with painted skulls, a skeleton and a gnome brings color to the otherwise bland city seat. A few shaded picnic tables to the south await lunch and conversation. 

Visitors should stop and smell the trees and flowers at Farquhar, as the variety of flora combine to create a refreshing, natural scent. A gentle breeze blew through the park during our visit, forcing the aroma into our nostrils and reminding us to slow down.

Ample pairs of garbage cans are placed around the park, and judging by the gorgeous grounds, visitors are using them.

The only drawback to the park is its lack of restrooms, but fear not. Men's and women's bathrooms—complete with soap and paper towels—are can be found across Main at Lake Park. Simply cross at the crosswalk and enjoy another fine HB park while you're at it. 

Farquhar Park is located at 898 12th Street in Huntington Beach. Hours are 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.


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