Seabridge Park: Launch A Kayak, Lunch In The Sun

Home to some 71 parks, Huntington Beach never fails adventurers in search of outdoor entertainment. From grass to sand to lakes to sea, Surf City houses the perfect park for just about any occasion. We've made it our mission to explore them all.

Tucked among the charming Huntington Harbour waterfront community, Seabridge Park serves as an easy water entrance for kayakers, paddleboarders and swimmers. It's also ideal for kids, picnickers and relaxation seekers. Named after Roy Seabridge, who served as mayor of Huntington Beach in 1952 and 1956 as well as a councilmember from 1948 to 1956, the park was dedicated to the politician in 1982.

The end of Countess Drive meets the start of the quaint four-acre park, which welcomes visitors—including leashed dogs—from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Note to fishermen and women: The canal along the right of Countess is a popular fishing spot. Several parking spots await at no cost to drivers, who will first set their eyes upon an inviting grass lawn at the start of the park. Visitors have two options for exploring Seabridge: Walk across the lush green patch toward the manmade canal or stroll, pedal or skate along the cement paths on the park's edges. Any option will be rewarded with calming views of the harbour and greenery, including shrubs and trees -- many of which beg for a climb and are marked with the names of lovers.

A cool ocean breeze fills the park, which opens up to a modest beach. An even smaller beach awaits just steps to the right of the main one. Park-goers can either choose to soak in the unobstructed sunshine or retreat to the shade. The ambiance is quite calming, with only the sounds of birds, jumping fish, the splashes of the occasional kayaker, paddleboarder and boat as well as noises from neighboring visitors and homes.

Kids can work off their endless energy on the dual swing sets and jungle gym, complete with three slides and monkey bars. Yes, adults can play, too. The play area sits in a giant sand box, so those who aren't fans of the granules may want to have a seat at one of three picnic tables or the lone park bench. We surveyed the water with only our eyes, but it appeared clean enough for a dip. A young girl waist-deep in the canal shouted to her parents, "Come in! The water's great!" We'll take her word for it. Dogs are not allowed on the beach.

Other park perks include a water fountain, outdoor shower and restrooms. However, the women's room lacks a main door as well as stall doors. Unless visitors fancy themselves as exhibitionists, this might not be the ideal spot for relief. Toilet paper and a sink are included, but visitors should come prepared with hand soap if necessary. We did not brave the men's room. 

Another downfall of the park is its cleanliness, which is not as poor as some reviews describe. Nearly a dozen waste cans are positioned around the small park, so there's no excuse for the bits of garbage littering the grounds. We noticed an excess of bird feathers near the water during our visit, which may or may not be a fixture at Seabridge. Let's hope not.  

One of our favorite moments during our visit was gazing across the canal at the harbour homes, imagining life in the gray mini-castle to the right of the park.

Seabridge Park is located at 16252 Countess Drive in Huntington Beach. 


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