Get Your Claws Around Street Kitchen HB's Lobster Grilled Cheese

 Street Kitchen HB's Lobster Grilled Cheese  (Photo by Lauren Lloyd)

Street Kitchen HB's Lobster Grilled Cheese (Photo by Lauren Lloyd)

Everyone loves a grilled cheese sandwich, just as everyone loves a food cart. The mere mention of both beckon drool from lower lips. (Go ahead and let it out. It's OK.) Surf City Nights along Huntington Beach's bustling Main Street offers your standard fresh farmers' market fare every Tuesday night, but one savory eat begs for a bite: Street Kitchen Huntington Beach's Lobster Grilled Cheese.

Hugged by two thick, crusty pieces of gourmet sliced toast, a delicious, warm layering of wild caught Canadian rock lobster, cheddar cheese, avocado, smoked bacon and spicy mayo makes for a tasty twist on the classic sammie. It packs the right amount of heat and grease that you'd expect from a grilled cheese. Yes, it will run you $11. And yes, it's worth it. We've sent friends from all walks of Southern California to the quaint mobile eatery to try its most popular plate, and no one has reported back with hunger pangs or complaints.

A little sister cart to the original Los Angeles truck, Street Kitchen HB currently operates daily except Mondays. You can find the silver cart and its Chef Micaiah in front of Huntington Surf & Sport during the day. Its burners begin to warm around noon daily. Most nights the truck closes its doors around 8 or 9 p.m., but Street Kitchen rolls its wheels over to Gallagher's Pub and Grill on Fridays and Saturdays to offer up late-night snacks until about 10 p.m. Closing hours largely depend on the crowd, says Micaiah.

Street Kitchen has been serving HB for the past six or seven months, and Micaiah currently stands at the helm of a one-man operation, aside from the L.A. team. Busying himself in the kitchen since his childhood, Micaiah works with the L.A. mothership to use local ingredients sourced from farmers' markets in Anaheim and Los Angeles, as well as create the cajun slaw, pico de gallo, sauces and salsas from scratch.

Sure, there are other items on the menu, like the Pulled Pork Taco, OG Dog and Jerk Quesadilla, but we admittedly cannot stop ourselves from ordering the Lobster Grilled Cheese every time. Micaiah holds the bacon for us, too. But heads up—he says the menu will see a revamp in coming months.


 Street Kitchen HB  (Photo by Lauren Lloyd)

Street Kitchen HB (Photo by Lauren Lloyd)

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