Personal Trainer FrannyFit Wants To Kick Your Ass (Into Shape)

Photos courtesy of FrannyFit

Big things come in small packages. Take, for example, Francesca Ruiz—aka FrannyFit—a fitness guru new to Huntington Beach who stands at just 5-foot-2. But don't let this pint-sized personal trainer's small frame fool you. She will kick your ass into shape with a quip and a smile. Ruiz has made it her life mission to do so, and lucky for HB, the center of her health and nutrition universe is right here in Surf City.

Just four weeks ago Ruiz waved goodbye to the East Coast to call Southern California home once again. Having previously resided in the Los Angeles area, she felt it time to head south and settle. With the challenges of moving behind her, now comes the task of building her client base as she works toward gaining her fitness and nutrition certification.

A portion of Ruiz's fitness and nutrition coaching happens online, but she much prefers the connection of working one-on-one with clients. The timing is almost perfect with the holidays fast approaching—beckoning the shameless glutton in all of us. To introduce herself to HB, she's offering a free first session at Rise Above Fitness, a personal training gym in HB devoted to "getting real results for real people that last." We like the sound of that. But the statement also scares us.

Ruiz, a non-fan of "beast mode," urges anyone who wants to get and stay fit to leave their workout qualms at the door. Her workouts incorporate cardio and strength training, and clients never move through the same routine twice. Pulling from her diverse athletic background in yoga, barre, bootcamp, bodybuilding and dance, the personal trainer of two years tailors sessions to each unique body type.

Ladies, she especially loves working with you to help crush body image stereotypes. "There's so much to unlearn and learn," she says, adding, "I think body image is really the biggest part of it all." Ruiz believes that "even once you get healthy, you realize the way your mind still works, how much of your mental affects your physical and how much it plays into how you work out and why you work out, as opposed to loving yourself through it and learning to enjoy the process, learning to stay positive." She teaches her clients how to "be happy in the journey," live in the present, boost metabolism, eat, stretch and breathe. Ruiz also assures women that resistance training will not lead to an "Arnold Schwarzewoman" physique. If there's anyone who can make you find joy it fitness, it might just be FrannyFit. 

And get this: Ruiz will never advise a tedious cardio session. "I don't believe in lengthy cardio," she says. Why? "Hormonally it's not the best thing. It actually causes a lot of hormone imbalances, and it causes a little more deterioration in muscle than it does muscle building." Instead, she sneaks cardio into her training sessions via interval and circuit training. 

Ruiz also incorporates IsaGenix into her training programs for clients interested in trying the health and wellness system. She breaks her world down into three smart phrases: "Your body is a well oiled machine. So when you're giving it the right nutrition, the right rest and the right exercise, it starts to pay you back handsomely. But you have to work with it." A quick glimpse at her social media pages, and your mouth will water at her photogenic homemade eats.

She promises "a new you by New Year's" with her special deal, reminding clients, "Your body's not going to change overnight." The free first session includes an initial assessment, a nutritional consultation and a 60-minute workout. Those convinced to sign on can do so for $199, which will win them four 60-minute one-on-one sessions with Ruiz over the course of one month. Clients looking to meet twice a week can select the higher tier at $250 for two 45-minute one-on-one sessions per week for one month. Should clients wish to workout throughout the week without Ruiz by their side, she can create customized gym sessions to serve as extra training support.

Ready for the challenge? Email Ruiz at If you mention Main & PCH, she'll knock $99 off $199 and $51 off $250. Happy burning!

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