Video: The 14-Year-Old Surfer Behind Kid Creature

Video: The 14-Year-Old Surfer Behind Kid Creature

One-eyed robots and mustachioed monsters invaded a wall at the International Surfing Museum this fall, and while Kid Creature's works waved goodbye on Monday, November 18, the monthlong exhibit is hardly the last Huntington Beach will see of the 14-year-old artist, surfer, board shaper and world traveler. 

We pulled Kid Creature, also known as Calvin Saxton, from the Newport Beach water one morning to find out how he has evolved into such an acclaimed young talent and why he dedicates much of his creativity to fighting cystic fibrosis.

Listen up, viewers. You just might learn something. We sure did.

A very special thanks to the Saxtons—Nicole, Hanah, Roger and Calvin—for welcoming us into their world, Mac Saxton (surf footage), Rich Kuras (filming, producing), Lauren Dellara (editing) and Ryan Horns (original music).


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