Bear Riding In Lamborghini Pranks Main Street

We were going to file this story under "Worst Guy Ever," but it turns out it was all in the name of tomfoolery. Main Street in Huntington Beach welcomed its usual flow of locals and tourists alike on Monday, November 18, but one special visitor caused quite a scene outside Starbucks—a bear riding shotgun in an obnoxious yellow Lamborghini. You may have witnessed the hubbub, as curious passersby crowded around the vehicle to score a closer look at and a photo with its furry, docile passenger.

Most people in the YouTube video of the stunt asked the obvious: "Why would you have a bear in your car?"

Some proclaimed, "This is awesome."

One woman initially attributed the swarm solely to the luxury Italian sportscar: "I thought they were all jacking off over the car." Close, lady. Close.

We can imagine the shock of watching a fancy roving advertisement roll up to the corner of Main and Olive and realize that it's not an excessively hairy man staring back at you—it's a bear. Initial reports identified the animal as Yogi, the pet of one RandysWay, who showed up in the comments section of the Reddit post that helped catapult the story into the viral tiers of the Internet.

Reddit user everlonghesaid posted the below photo along with the following text on Monday: "There was a guy blocking the street outside of my work in a Lamborghini with a fucking bear. A FUCKING BEAR NO JOKE."

Photo by everlonghesaid via Reddit

RandysWay later commented on the photo, "Yep, that's my car and my pet bear, Yogi! ;) Keep an eye out for a video hitting the web shortly!" He added the below photo along with the declaration, "Proof:"

Photo by RandysWay via Reddit

When we first got wind of the story, our animal rights ethics kicked in, forcing us to quickly declare, "RandysWay, we think your way sucks." However, reports have now surfaced that the entire antic was indeed a prank pulled off by Uncle John TVJustinTimePranks and Chuck Testa of Ojai Valley Taxidermy. Considering Testa's expertise, Uncle John TV's history of hidden camera pranks and the fact that HB Police Department officers merely broke up the "attraction" and did not arrest the driver for unlawfully holding a bear captive as a pet, we think it's safe to say ol' Yogi is not a real bear. 

Please feel free to correct our assumption. 

For a closer look at "Lambearghini" and his admirers, check out Uncle John TV's video below.

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