5 Faves: Surf Dog Newman's Picks For Dog-Friendly Restaurants, Treats And Playtime

Top: Newman (Photo courtesy of Debbie Matlow) ; Bottom Left: Newman and Debbie (Photo courtesy of Debbie Matlow) ; Bottom Right: Newman (Photo by Hudson Wise) 

You've likely watched him hang 20 at the past three Surf City Surf Dog competitions and seen him pounding his paws on the Main Street pavement. His name is Newman Matlow, he's on Facebook and he loves life in Huntington Beach. The 3-year-old, 53-pound English bulldog has been shredding waves since his mom, Debbie Matlow, brought home a surfboard in 2011. When he's not ruling the house with his siblings Junebug, a 6-year-old bulldog, and Giorgio Armani, a 7-year-old pug, Newman's likely in the water training for his next competition or relaxing 'round downtown. While Seinfeld can't take credit for his name, the playful pooch doesn't mind if you greet him, "Hello, Newman."

Here are Newman's favorite local spots, from his favorite restaurants to his board of choice.

Newman (Photo courtesy of Debbie Matlow)

1. Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants

 There are a few dog-friendly restaurants along Main Street that I like for different reasons. The first is Zimzala at Shorebreak Hotel. Their dog-friendly outdoor patio is really big and has lots of comfy chairs and couches that I can sit on. They have a doggie menu with lots of good stuff, but my favorite is the Plough Hound. It's a big bowl of chicken, veggies and rice. It's really good. Fred's Mexican Cafe also has Doggie Date Night every Monday on their outdoor patio. If Mom orders food, I get a bowl of free food. Pizza Lounge also has an outdoor patio where I can sit with Mom. They don't have doggie food, but they always bring me bowl of cold water. The Park Bench Cafe at Central Park also has a doggie menu, and I like it there, but their parking lot is small so parking can be a challenge. 

Zimzala // 500 East Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Fred's Mexican Cafe // 300 East Pacific Coast Highway, #201, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Pizza Lounge // 301 Main Street, #107, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

The Park Bench Cafe // 17732 Goldenwest Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92647



2. Best Dog Treats And Toys

Pet Supply! They have two stores in HB, but I usually go to the one on Brookhurst and Hamilton, right next door to Mom's favorite store, Trader Joe's. They have so much food and so many toys that I have a hard time choosing what I want. The people there are all really nice and very knowledgeable. And Mom says their prices are good, too!

Pet Supply // 21425 Brookhurst Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92646


Newman (Photo courtesy of Debbie Matlow)

3. Best Place To Play

Zoom Room! It's at Beach and Garfield right next to Steinmart. They just opened a few months ago and their owners, Blane and Mel, are SO nice. It's an indoor playground and training facility. Mom says it's better than a dog park because I don't get dirty, and I like that because I don't have to have so many baths. They have an agility course that I can play on and a big box full of toys to play with. 

Zoom Room // 19069 Beach Boulevard, Huntington Beach, CA 92648


Newman (Photo by Lauren Lloyd)

4. Best Board To Use At Huntington Dog Beach

I surf on an 8-foot Wavestorm foam board. They sell them at Costco. It's got a soft foam top on it, and I can sink my toenails into it, which makes it easier to catch a long ride. This year was my third year surfing at the Surf City Surf Dog competition at Huntington Dog Beach. Even though I didn't win this year, I still had lots of fun and caught some great waves.

Newman (Photo courtesy of Debbie Matlow)

5. Best Place To Strut My Stuff / Hang Out With Mom

That would be Main Street. There are always lots of people there, so I get lots of attention and butt rubs! When Mom walks me up and down the street, it takes forever because so many people want to pet me. And when Mom goes to the Pizza Lounge on Main Street, she ties me to the outdoor patio fence, and everybody that walks by stops to pet me, too. I love all the attention!



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