Manning Park: Come For A Workout, Stay For A Picnic

Home to some 71 parks, Huntington Beach never fails adventurers in search of outdoor entertainment. From grass to sand to lakes to sea, Surf City houses the perfect park for just about any occasion. We've made it our mission to explore them all.

Manning Park rolls out its 2.5-acre plot of green grass less than a mile from the sandy shores of Huntington Beach, presenting a different outdoor experience for locals chasing the ocean breeze but seeking a spot off the shoreline. Named after Ed Manning, HB's mayor in 1909, 1920 and 1922, the neighborhood park is ideal for playful kids, adults and leashed dogs.

Entering the park at Detroit Avenue and Delaware Street, visitors will take in an overview of the tree-lined area, its large cut grass lawn interrupted by a basketball court to the right and a playground to the left. While the court sees its fair share of players, it's also the grounds for nearly daily boot camp sessions with The Training Spot and free Open Sky Yoga on Monday and Friday mornings. The two compete for court space, so if you can't handle a little upbeat, aerobic music with your downward dog, you might want to take your practice elsewhere. However, we will say that inhaling gulps of eucalyptus-scented air at 6:30 in the morning has a certain magic to it.

Equipped with the standard HB city swings and two-slide jungle gym, the sandy playground is surrounded by a trio of benches and is adjacent to a trio of picnic tables, making it the perfect spot for playing and picnicking. Though most of the park bathes in the sun, various trees offer plenty of shaded areas. Three pairs of trashcans are also conveniently positioned around the park, which retains a respectable cleanliness thanks to courteous guests and city workers.

The park doesn't stop at a basketball court and play area. A paved path perfect for skating, jogging, pedaling and dog-walking weaves its way through the grass and around the park, and canines dig the large grassy areas, too. Games of bocce ball, kickball and frisbee can easily be played on the larger grassy plot. For those looking to lift their derrieres, a staircase climbs to California Street, where two benches await.

Buzzing with hummingbirds and adorned with floral bushes, Manning Park comes with few cons. Street parking is free and ample on the encompassing, quiet streets, but note that there is no parking on at least Delaware Street from noon to 4 p.m. on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. The sole issue is a lack of restrooms, so be sure to take care of business beforehand.

Manning Park is located at 307 Delaware Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648. Hours are 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.


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