Pumpkin Power: The Donuttery Serves Up A Scary Amount Of Seasonal Sweets

October has arrived, bringing with it the chilly, spooky, pumpkin-crazed Halloween season. Fans of the warm, spiced, seasonal flavor have likely already sampled pumpkin brews, lattes and pancakes, which pop up on menus around town throughout fall. The Donuttery swelled our hearts and waistlines with its new cronuttery—the beloved Huntington Beach doughnut shop's take on the coveted cronut—and its pumpkin-infused treats do not disappoint. 

We stopped in to see what owner Ty Chhan and his talented crew of bakers and pastry chefs have been bakin' and deep fryin'. They've added not one but eight different pumpkin-packed treats to their already overwhelming doughnut selection. Eight. For vegans, there are three egg- and dairy-free options. Omnivores are challenged to choose from five different varieties—most with festive sprinkles. Naturally, we opted to try them all, restoring our sugar comas, but with a hint of Halloween.

Here's what you'll find on the seasonal dessert racks: pumpkin vegan cake doughnuts, including glazed, vanilla frosted and chocolate fudge frosted; and regular pumpkin doughnuts, including glazed, vanilla frosted with sprinkles, chocolate fudge frosted with sprinkles, whipped cream-filled with sprinkles and the favorite: cream cheese frosted with sprinkles. One of these sweets can be yours for just 90 cents, with the exception of the whipped cream and cream cheese options priced at $1.45. 

After a careful sampling, we recommend the vanilla frosted vegan and whipped cream offerings. Slicing a pumpkin doughnut in half and slathering housemade whipped cream between each piece takes fall sweets to a whole new level, one in which we gladly indulged.

The chefs have also been busy baking a variety of Halloween cookies, but we were physically unable to taste them after devouring our box. However, judging by the many sugary Donuttery items we've consumed in the past, we feel it's safe to say they're delicious.

We suggest pairing a pumpkin ring with a cup of Euro Coffee from The Donuttery, too. And no, they don't carry pumpkin-flavored jo. We know exactly what you were scheming. 

The Donuttery is located at 17420 Beach Boulevard in Huntington Beach, 714-847-7000. Hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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