About Us

Main & PCH is all about living and loving local in Huntington Beach. Here you'll discover an assortment of stories, photos and videos of the people and places that make our nook of the universe so incredibly unique. There will never be a shortage of inspiring stories to share, and for that reason we focus on the good—the artistry, the gatherings and the creative community of our friends and neighbors.

In sharing these stories behind the storefronts, we're constantly discovering the best locally made goods by the most talented, kindhearted and hardworking people in town. It was only natural for us to round up a few of our favorite things and launch the Made In HB Marketplace, a curated collection filled with everything from vintage skateboards and recycled wine cork jewelry to ceramics, furniture and dog collars. Here you'll not only find unique, truly authentic, high quality goods created with the utmost care, but you can read about who makes them and hopefully stop in to their shops (or websites) to see what other great things they have in store. 

Why Main & PCH?

Because we live here. And although our city stretches cross some 32 square miles, the heart of Huntington Beach lies at the intersection of Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway, where the iconic Huntington Beach Pier reaches into the Pacific Ocean. It was here on June 20, 1914, that the Hawaii-born "Father of Modern Surfing" George Freeth surfed his epic ride at the pier—one that would eventually help the city win its rightful title of Surf City. When we started writing about cool developments and happenings in Huntington Beach, the name of our little online fanzine was obvious from the start.